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hp 712/60 monitor/machine problems

Hello all,
	I'm have a few questions I hope someone might be able to answer. I have
a 712/60 and I just tried to use one of my monitors on it but all I get
is a flashing led on the front of the machine. does anyone know what
this means? On the monitors with leds on the front, it makes these leds
flash insinchronize with the led on the front of the machine.
	Also what are the restrictions on the type of monitor that can be run
on the 712/60? Is there a minimum size? I thought these machine were
capable of working with vga monitors (or atleast low end svga)? (I'm
trying to use a 15" but all it does is flash the leds. I also tried an
old ps2 monitor on it. I get the led flashing on the machine and a band
of repeated hp welcome screens (or something like that) across the midle
of the screen.) My problem would not be caused by having the 1280x1024
upgrade in the machine would it?


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