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Re: Joining the debian HPC team

Welcome on board Henning!

On 09/07/2022 10.05, Henning Glawe wrote:
I am a bit confused about the distribution of packages among the debian-hpc,
debian-science and pkg-nvidia-devel teams:

That is distribution probably historically grown. IIRC the HPC Team is "fairly new" (in Debian terms). My impression is that it is "a random set of developers" individually maintaining "a random set of packages" useful in an HPC context and not fitting elsewhere. That is not neccessarily a bad thing given (the lack of manpower and) the broad range of packages serving as low-level base for many user-targeted applications (e.g. what's managed by debian-med, debian-science ...). At least it builds a group of people that have some experience in the HPC infrastructure area and makes it possible to reach out to them. I don't think the HPC team can easily evolve into a group similar to e.g. debian-med with some written down policy etc. (I'm not involved with debian-med, so that's my impression from the outside, it might be completely wrong.)

- I imagine gdrcopy in the context of pkg-nvidia-devel, i.e. the team that
   maintains also other nvidia cuda kernel drivers

Looks like something for contrib (licence MIT, depends CUDA). Yes, let's have that over at pkg-nvidia-devel.

with both his NVIDIA and HPC hats on ;-)

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