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Re: Backporting singularity-container

Hi, Diane

On 4/18/22 14:56, Diane Trout wrote:

I was wondering about getting singularity-container 3.9.x into Debian's

I went through and managed to build a bullseye-backports version for my
work and singularity 3.9.6 seems to be working for us. I think
singularity is a good choice for an official backport,

Definitely! It's also been requested here a few times.

though I'm not
how best to make it happen.

It wasn't particularly difficult most of the packages just needed to be
recompiled against bullseye, but there's a few that needed versions
that aren't currently in bullseye and appeared to need some updated
build dependency versions to get sbuild to pull from bullseye-

These are the backports rules: https://backports.debian.org/Contribute/

So you'd have to upload backports for the dependencies for which you needed higher versions of as well, and you can only use stuff that's in Testing.

Typically, you'd create in each target package's git repository called 'debian/bullseye-backports' starting from the version that's in Testing now, add your backports changelog and any relevant version constraints that were missing in d/control, build, and upload. And it looks like you did most of this work already.

many thanks and regards

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