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Re: RFS: libpsm2

Hi Brian,

>>>>> "B" == Brian Smith writes:

  B> I have pushed my packaging for libpsm2 to alioth and am seeking a sponsor.
  B> This package should eventually be added to the debian-hpc team.
  B> ...
  B> It builds these binary packages:
  B> ...
  B>     libpsm2-2-dev - Development headers and libraries for libpsm2-2

I suggest to rename your dev package to libpsm2-dev. The SOVERSION
shouldn't be part of the dev package, unless there is a good reason for it. See

Having the SOVERSION in the dev package name puts a burden on packagers
building against it, since they have to (usually unnecessarily) update
their build dependencies every time the SOVERSION changes.

Thanks a lot for packaging libpsm2. I had this on my agenda for a long
time but didn't get around doing it ...



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