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Re: upgrading hledger-web&co

Hello, Mikolaj,

-=| Mikolaj Konarski, 08.12.2021 22:02:26 +0100 |=-
> Yes, the package plan is broken.

How critical is that? May other packages (not these for which 
./test-packages.pl complains) be uploaded?

> Generally, there seem to be few active maintainers for Debian Haskell
> and they seem to be very busy elsewhere most of the time.

This is understandable.

> So, if you prepare the packages, you may need to wait a few weeks
> or months for somebody to upload them.

I can upload, but I want to make sure that I am not making smore harm 
than good.

> Regarding how to prepare the packages, perhaps somebody
> can help you on #debian-haskell (I could a bit, if the channel
> was bridged to Matrix, and perhaps some other Haskell people
> would join, too?).
> I don't know if new dependencies need to be added as Debian
> packages. That's actually of interest to me, because new versions
> of my own packages require dependencies not yet packaged
> for Debian. I see Haskell libraries are not linked statically,
> so it would be sane not to require packaging of all deps.
> However, we love Debian not for sanity, but for principles.

I have solved my immediate need of having hledger-web 1.24 in an 
isolated environment, but I think it would be nice to bring that to 
unstable. I think I have done most of the work involved. Who knows, 
I may even adopt the habit and keep it updated in the future :)

What it took:
 * add base64 package
 * upgrade doctest to 0.20.0, add exceptions to build-dependencies
 * upgrade pretty-simple to, add build-dependency on 
   prettyprinter and prettyprinter-ansi-terminal
 * upgrade prettyprinter-ansi-terminal to 1.1.3,
 * upgrade prettyprinter to 1.7.1
 * upgrade hledger-lib to 1.24, add doclayout, microlens, microlens-th 
   and pretty-simple to build-dependencies, then disable tests
 * upgrade hledger to 1.24, add githash to B-D, bump hledger-lib B-D 
   to 1.24, drop most of debian/hledger.manpages
 * upgrade hledger-web to 1.24, add base64, hspec and yesod-test to 
   B-D and bump hledger and hledger-lib B-D to 1.24

I am poking blindly here and some of the changes may not be necessary. 
For example, with hledger-lib tests disabled, some of the other 
upgrades may not be needed.

The new package (base64) and the hledger{,-lib,-web} upgrades are 
perhaps safe. The other upgrades - I am not so sure.

>From what I understand of the package plan, it is important that the 
whole set is in a consistent state and bumping random packages' 
versions may break that.

I hope somebody has clues. I am subscribed to the list and hanging in 
#debian-hledger/oftc and #hledger/libera (as 'dam').

I'll report if I have news.


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