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upgrading hledger-web&co


I am in need of a newer hledger-web version and I wondered if I could 

My goal is to upgrade hledger-web, hledger-lib, hledger-ui and hledger 
from 1.19.1 to 1.24.

Reading some docs, I tried the instructions in package-plan/README.md.

At first, ./test-packages.pl reported about conflicts between HsYAML, 
QuickCheck and HsYAML:test. I tried juggling some versions, found no 
easy solution and decided to revert everything and just bump the 
versions of the four hledger packages.

This resulted in the same conflict report involving HsYAML,·
QuickCheck and HsYAML:test.

Does this mean that the hledger upgrade is safe, meaning that it 
doesn't introduce new conflicts?

If so, perhaps I can help with the actual build/upload. I tried 
earlier and noticed that the new versions add some build/runtime 
dependencies, but I hope that since test-packages.pl finds no (new) 
conflicts, the new dependencies can be satisfied and will only need 
adjusting debian/control.

Please advise.

-- dam

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