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Re: uscan repack cause troubles.

On Wed, Jun 03, 2020 at 06:54:33AM +0000, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel wrote:
> I endup with this error
> dht debian2dsc -o lab p/gitit/debian
> uscan: Newest version of gitit on remote site is, specified download version is
> Successfully repacked lab/gitit- as lab/gitit_0.12.3.2+dfsg.orig.tar.xz, deleting 9 files from it.
> Couldn't download tarball with uscan or apt-get source. See above for errors
> Do you have the same issue ?
> repacking is an issue ?

Yes.  The watch file uses a repacksuffix of "+dfsg" but the version in
debian/changelog is missing that string.  So uscan generates a tarball
called "gitit_0.12.3.2+dfsg.orig.tar.xz" but because of the changelog
version, dht debian2dsc is expecting a filename
called "gitit_0.12.3.2.orig.tar.xz".

If you fix debian/changelog to say "" instead of
"", it will become happier.

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