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Re: Haskell-* build ordering

On Wed, Jun 03, 2020 at 10:10:05PM +0200, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> I was wondering if you have a dependency graph, or an upload staging order
> that you usually use for your uploads and that I could now apply to the
> Ubuntu builds and rebuilds on the Ubuntu side.

Once upon a time we used a dependency graph to order uploads.  I think
we more or less abandoned that when we switched to mostly tracking
Stackage LTS versions or when we developed the package-plan tooling or
some other milestone I can't remember.

The current situation is that
    (a) Because of the haddock-interface change, every single package
        needs a sourceful upload.  This isn't relevant for Ubuntu.
    (b) All packages need to be updated to the version in the
        package-plan, which generally corresponds to Stackage LTS 15.13.
    (c) Both packages which do not need a version update and packages
        which do need to be upgraded also need patching because we do
        not automatically apply Hackage metadata updates which help
        keep Stackage consistent.
    (d) All new packages pulled in as dependencies of the new versions
        need to be packaged, and get processed through NEW.  Some of
        these packages have been stuck in NEW for weeks, but most of
        them have not been packaged at all.
    (e) Build/test failures need to be addressed.
> Sure I could just retry all of them in loops, but that would be a waste of
> computer time, so if there is some ordering that would make sense please
> let me know.
> OTOH - if many of these are even expected fails (could be) and there are
> other uploads coming to fix it, let me know as well and I'll just step back
> until you tell me it is expected to work.

Judging by the current rate of progress, I think it will be quite a while
before all the Haskell packages in unstable are buildable.

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