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New Order Inquiry

To: Sales Office

Argos is notably located in the United Kingdom. The prominent 
Argos is UK's largest Wholesaler, Drop-shipper and multi-channel 
retailer after merger with Sainsbury, with over 45 shops equipped 
with European & American products. Argos also has major online 
distribution outlets. Now we are looking for new products to 
attract new customers and also retain our existing ones, create 
new partnerships with companies dealing with different kinds of 

Therefore, it would be appreciated if you can send us your 
catalog through email to learn more about your company's products 
and wholesale quote. It is hopeful that we can start long-term 
respectable and solid business partnership with you.  We shall be 
glade also if you could as well send us by email your stock 

We have no doubt that you have standards but our Payment Terms is 
within 15 days net in Asia & Europe and 30 days net in UK as we 
operate with all our suppliers. We shall await your swift 
response per your convenience.

We look forward to a successful and delightful cooperation with 

Best Regards,

Hayes Weller Grayson (SPO)
Procurement Unit (Dept.)
Argos Limited
Tel:  + 44 -745 1274090
Whatsapp: + 44 -7451274147
E-mail: sales@argos-s.co.uk

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