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Re: Haskell ghc-8.4 migration

Hi Dmitry,

Quoting Dmitry Bogatov (2018-10-18 00:00:21)
> Right now I try to move ghc-8.4 migration forward, and xmonad does not 
> build, since it depends on libghc-pandoc-dev.
> I remember, Jonas, you asked to not touch pandoc without coordination 
> with you, so how would we proceed?

Thanks for involving me!

In what ways do current Pandoc block migration of ghc?

If a binNMU is not suitable, then is it possible to release the 
build-dependencies of Pandoc?

If that was done already, then I simply missed that (and would 
appreciate a notification next time, or a pointer what I should watch 
out for).

> And, by the way, why pandoc is not in DHG_packages?

Thanks for asking :-)

I understand how to maintain single packages but not how to "steer the 
fleet" of (re)building all Haskell packages at once - and don't have 
the computing power to do so either.

Also, I like being able to maintain single packages: Feels more 
inclusive to me.

I have similar concerns for the Rust team, who did a similar approach - 
the approach taken by the Perl team is more to my liking.

 - Jonas

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