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haskell-devscripts broken with GHC 8.4

Hey all,

All packages currently built with GHC-8.4 and haskell-devscripts-0.13.8
have a broken `Provides:' field. I pushed a fix for this to the
haskell-devscripts repo, with the following explanation:

| The current version of haskell-devscripts does not work properly with GHC 8.4.
| The reason is that the `ghc-pkg --package-db debian/tmp-db/ recache`
| command outputs a warning about possibly broken abi-depends:
|   ignoring (possibly broken) abi-depends field for packages
| See also https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/14381.
| This causes the output of the tmp_package_db() function to contain the
| above string, and function package_id_to_virtual_package() fails with:
|   /usr/share/haskell-devscripts/Dh_Haskell.sh: line 368: ignoring: command not found
| Unfortunately, the above does not crash the build, it only leads to
| empty values for the corresponding variables, hence all haskell packages
| end up with a `Provides: libghc--dev--'.
| Fix the above bug by ignoring the output of the `ghc-pkg recache`
| command.

I tested it and seems to do the right thing, but it would be great if
others could verify this too.

We will need to upload this fixed version to unstable, and then binNMU
all packages built with GHC 8.4 and haskell-devscripts-0.13.8 so far
(including ghc-8.4).


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