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Migration to debhelper issues


As I already mentioned, I work on `dh-haskell`, attempt to migrate our
Make/shell build system mess to perl mess, cleaning legacy by the way

In attempt to introduce no problems, I wrote code to make resulting
binary packages bit-to-bit same, as ones generated by
haskell-devscripts. Sometimes it meant to add unneeded hacks, but I
managed. But when finish is close, I encountered something really hard.

-dev package, generated my `dh-haskell` misses `Ghc-Package:` control
field, but I found no mention(grep -R) of `Ghc-Package' in
haskell-devscripts. What and how generates this field?

Second problem is that I get different *.{hi,dyn_hi,so} libraries.
Binary diff did not revealed anything useful -- just different letters
in middle of file, with no recognizeble to me meaning. What information
is stored in these files? What tools can help me find difference?  I
know about debbindiff.

If you have time and willpower to dig into code, you can take
dh-haskell from alioth:


and for haskell-bool-extras (should not matter, but I test on it)
replace rules with following lines:

	#!/usr/bin/make -f
	        dh $@ --with haskell --buildsystem=haskell

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