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Compiling Issue

I am starting do develop my Debian/Haskell environment.

So I am trying to compile a script to execute my Haskell code from my
Python Project (I am starting the migration in fact).

So I found this solution I wanted to test (on github,
haskell-from-python). I have tried to compile it:

Since I am on Debian current Stable, I had to update the ghc version:

but /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lHSrts-ghc7.8.3.so

even if I have: located Hsrts:

Do I need another package (if yes which one)? 
What is the right way to proceed on Debian ?
(Do I need a sym link towards *.so?)

PS: if you have a better solution do execute Haskell from Haskell,
thanks for any advice.

Thanks for help,

	Alexandre Delanoë (anoe)

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