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Re: Focusing our efforts: Key packages

Hi Joachim,

(first sorry for the late reply, but I was focused on other Debian work, and I just noticed that answering was easier than the thought)

>Right, these names were all from the Hackage package namespace.

ok, so my question wasn't so dumb (yeah! I still do not understand the
whole haskell stuff, but I need it for hedgewars, so I try to care and fix whatever I can)

>They are, but only packages from hackage were taken into account. So
>the solution is simply to make bytestring-show a key package in this
>(corner) case.

>Alternatively, we could create a fake .cabal file with hedgewar’s
>dependencies and add them to the package-plan, like we do with the
>output of "yesod init". Probably the cleaner solution.

>Would you mind creating such a cabal file (check if the hedgewars

>sources already contain one)?

So the solution you propose me are:
+bytestring-show key

(I really do not want to break stuff :) )


2) a cabal file

is that ok?

I do not know how to add it and what to exactly do with it.
(should I commit it and nothing more? should I remember to update it at each hedgewars release?)

thanks for clarifying,


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