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Re: Focusing our efforts: Key packages

Hi Joachim,

your approach seems sensible to sort-of make Debian hold a core of the
packages on [h|st]ackage. I do not think Debian needs to contain every
leaf package, but enough to enable bootstrapping from.

>This implies that we should remove all packages that are neither in
>Stackage nor that are (used by) key packages.
>I added support for such reasoning to the package plan, and marked a
>few packages as key packages. This would currently imply that we can
>remove these packages:

>      * cryptonite

Since the new version of tls will depend on cryptonite, it would be a
waste to remove it. This also means it will soon be in the
dependencies, leaving the drop list that way.

>      * ed25519

I'm testing my own code against this and the new hackage-security will
likely depend on this implementation, so I think there is enough merit
to have it in Debian - even if only as a trust anchor. 
In the long run there will be a pure haskell implementation (working on
it), but very likely this package may be useful for some time even
after that. I have marked it as "key" and will care for it if the need


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