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Re: Focusing our efforts: Key packages

Hi Joachim, I'm not sure I followed what you wrote.

>Then, the following packages should be in Debian:
>* Key packages,
>* their dependencies,
>* and all packages that were previously in Debian and are also part of
>   stackage (as I expect that these incur very little extra overhead).

sounds reasonable
>This implies that we should remove all packages that are neither in
>Stackage nor that are (used by) key packages.

>I added support for such reasoning to the package plan, and marked a
>few packages as key packages. This would currently imply that we can
>remove these packages:

I do not get here the question, do you mean the haskell library, right?
sounds impossible to remove dpkg :)

      * bytestring-show

This one is a b-d of hedgewars

so how can it be removed? I thought that list was made of leaf haskell packages...

If they have reverse-dependencies I guess they aren't so much leaf packages :)

anyway, for hedgewars seems that the only one I need is that one, however
I do not understand why it is on that list :)

thanks for clarifying!

and yes, I agree with the overall process, keeping unused leaf libraries seems an
overkill for haskell.



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