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State of Haskell on sparc?

Hi everyone,

one of the current Haskell release transitions blocker is the removal of
some obsolete Haskell libraries, in particular haskell-tls-extra

According to "dak rm -R -n haskell-tls-extra" this blocked by left over
packages depending on it on sparc. The root of the cause is a failure of
haskell-tls to build on sparc:

The build fails in the test suite with a “Bus error” – nothing that I
can easily debug.

Anyway, given that this holds up a transition and that sparc is not a
release architecture any more, I am considering to ask the FTP team to
simply remove haskell-tls on sparc. But playing around with dak on
coccia I find that this would also remove pandoc, and "dak rm -a sparc
-R -n -p -B pandoc" mentions a large number of non-Haskell packages who
would not be buildable on sparc any more:

# Broken Build-Depends:
allegro5: pandoc
bookletimposer: pandoc
bup: pandoc (>= 1.11.1-4~)
debci: pandoc
flashcache: pandoc
flvmeta: pandoc
gally: pandoc
git-ftp: pandoc
mod-gnutls: pandoc
obnam: pandoc
opam: pandoc
openssh-known-hosts: pandoc
parcimonie: pandoc
pithos: pandoc
plinth: pandoc
purity-ng: pandoc
rainbow: pandoc
rhinote: pandoc
ssh-agent-filter: pandoc
sshuttle: pandoc
tempest-for-eliza: pandoc
umegaya: pandoc
zfsnap: pandoc

How should I proceed? Is sparc broken so much by now that we don’t care?
If not, who steps up to investigate the issues?

(One work-around would be to build pandoc on sparc without tls or
network support, which should be sufficient to fulfill its tasks as a
build dependency.)


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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