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Re: libghc-semigroups-prof on unstable

Dear Brad,

Am Montag, den 21.04.2014, 11:10 -0700 schrieb brad clawsie:
> I realize I am willfully putting myself in harm's way by running
> unstable and casually dist-upgrade'ing, but I was wondering if anyone
> was aware of the current situation and if there is a remedy coming.

thanks for the heads up. It lies in the nature of Haskell packages that
they will be uninstallable for some period of time in unstable, usually
after one of their dependencies have been updated. We notice this,
eventually, and then trigger rebuilds. The build daemons pick this up,
built the package, upload it and eventually it is pushed to your mirror.
This process can take a few days – and longer if there is unexpected
breakage in between the uploaded package and the uninstallable package.

There is also a regular check that ensures that all Haskell packages are
installable at

So _usually_ we are aware and remedy is coming. But we don’t mind some
heads-up (if not only to know that there are actually users out
there :-)). In your case, I have scheduled the binNMUs right now. You
can watch the progress at


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