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Re: tools and all-packages moved to git


Am Dienstag, den 15.04.2014, 07:02 +0100 schrieb
> Hi Joachim, sory but I missed why you should login and logout from ssh
> at each new repository.
> Can't you just put the repo creation in a bash script and loop for
> "cat list_of_new_repo" (I cannot find the right quote symbol on
> android)
> Is it impossible to do? I feel I'm missing the point, otherwise I
> think you can just create a new empty repository and copy-paste it
> with some magic sed and mv commands
> Do you need some help for this?
> I never tried to create a bunch of new git repositories in a row, but
> should be scriptable in some ways and I can help you if needed

Sure, everything is scriptable... but such scripts need to be known by
new users, maintained, etc. I’m just surprised that there is still no
standard way, supported by git itself, to create a new remote


PS: No need to mail me directly, I’m subscribed to the list, and on
Debian lists plain text mails with top-quote bottom-answer are

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