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Re: tools and all-packages moved to git

Hi Joachim, sory but I missed why you should login and logout from ssh at each new repository.

Can't you just put the repo creation in a bash script and loop for "cat list_of_new_repo" (I cannot find the right quote symbol on android)

Is it impossible to do? I feel I'm missing the point, otherwise I think you can just create a new empty repository and copy-paste it with some magic sed and mv commands

Do you need some help for this?

I never tried to create a bunch of new git repositories in a row, but should be scriptable in some ways and I can help you if needed



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From: Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org>;
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Subject: tools and all-packages moved to git
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because it makes stuff easier for the jenkins integration, I converted
the tools/ repository to a git repository:

The all-pacakges subdirectory is a repository of its own, with the new
and better name of “package-plan” at

Sorry for the commit spam on the commits mailing list; I was naively
hoping that the tools on alioth are smart enough not to send 500 new
mails upon a new repository.

The darcs repository has been moved out of the way.


PS: Is it really true that I have to manually log into alioth and
perform the steps outlined on
for every repository I create? This would be very annoying compared to
just "darcs push alioth:pkg-haskell/foo"

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