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Re: Updating diagrams quest


Am Donnerstag, den 10.04.2014, 20:43 -0300 schrieb Raúl Benencia:
> Hello Joachim,
> On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 12:20:52AM +0200, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > it seems your package is missing build dependencies:
> > 
> > uglifyjs -o debian/jquery-1.6.4.min.js assets/jquery-1.6.4.js
> > make: uglifyjs: Command not found
> > make: *** [debian/jquery-1.6.4.min.js] Error 127
> > dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2
> Strange. I've built the package (once more) on a clean sid chroot and I
> couldn't reproduce this issue. Besides, the only change[0] in the package
> is an upper bound version bump on aeson.
> [0] http://hdiff.luite.com/cgit/ekg/diff/?id=
> /me checks the diff once more.

Did you have a look at README.Source? It seems that in my schroot, make
believes it has to update the minified files. I removed the make target
dependency; maybe that is more reliable.


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