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Re: Switch to git after all?

I'd welcome a switch to git.

I advise against using git in some nonstandard way, such as only checking
debian/ into the debian git repositories. There is a very wide range of
tools for managing packages with git, and making this choice will close
off using many of those tools, or require using them in nonstandard ways,
and so eliminate many of the possible positive effects of switching to git
in the first place.

Joachim Breitner:
> Also, I can have all our repos checked out without wasting
> lots of space.

The total decompressed size of every .orig.tar.gz of every haskell-*
package currently in the archive (not just the most recent version)
is 224 megabytes. But filesystems are inneficient for many small files,
so if you unpack them all together, du will complain that 266M is used.

This leaves out ghc (but I suspect you want the full source
code for that) and various other packages not named haskell-*. Still,
it's hard to imagine the total being more than a gigabyte or two.
Hackage used to have a tarball of the full source of *every* package on
it, and while I can't find that anymore, it was also of a tractable

> And I don’t see the point of pulling the history of, say,
> gtk2hs just to upgrade a version.

Even when the source files are included in the git repository,
you don't have to pull their full history to check out the git repository.
git clone --depth 1

Of course, this mean you cannot look back at past versions of either
files in debian/ or the source files. But it seems that for this kind of
mass maintenance, you probably don't need to.
(It's easy to git fetch --depth=10000 later if you need the history.)

see shy jo

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