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Re: Switch to git after all?

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> should we switch to git? After all, git has won™.


> What changed my mind?
> I noticed that it is not so much darcs vs. git that I’m concerned about,
> but rather workflows and repository layouts. I really dislike the
> git-buildpackage’s approach.


I really don't like the way a lot of debian maintainers use git
for debian packages (which may be git-buildpackage's default mode
of operation) but I do in general like git.

> Thoughts?

Seems like a great bucnh of tools. Would be nice to have documentation
for them.

> PS: If above description of the workflow is news to you, maybe I need to
> talk more about it.


> I get the impression (e.g. from obviously not
> sbuild-built uploads) that not all are aware of the possibilities, and
> I’m worried that some of you spent unnecessary amount of work on
> avoidable tedious work.


Erik de Castro Lopo

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