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Re: updates for libghc-gtk and friends


Am Freitag, den 04.04.2014, 21:45 +0200 schrieb Sven Bartscher:
> I noticed that libghc-gtk and some of its dependencies haven't received
> any updates to newer upstream versions since a while.
> There is nice new stuff in the new versions (like gtk3 support) and I'm
> kind of waiting for that.
> So I want to ask if someone is already working on that.
> Also I would offer my help, if needed. I'm only a little bit
> experienced with creating debian packages from cabal (and not at all
> without cabal) and moderately experienced wit Haskell.

giving us a heads-up is already helpful (we don’t have an automatic or
semi-automatic way to upgrade to new versions).

Extra bonus points for trying to compile everything locally (with plain
"cabal install") and note what libraries will have to be upgraded. If
you can give us a list of hackage packages and versions that worked for
you on Debian unstable, then we’ll be quicker.


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