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Re: Re: Mentoring a haskell port

+++ Gianfranco Costamagna [2014-04-04 15:28 +0100]:
>    Hi Wookey,
>    the great Colin Watson has already done a whole great job in this!
>    https://lists.debian.org/debian-haskell/2014/04/msg00000.html
>    I think you will find interesting his work, it is for 7.8 but I think with
>    some backports can be done with ghc 7.6 too...
>    Did you already saw the work?

No I hadn't noticed that.

Maybe this is done already and I can just build it and stop caring :-)

Guess I'd better find out how much more work is needed. I assume there
is scope for optimisations beyond a basic functional port?

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