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vault et. al.

Hi Louis,

I noticed that you changed the version of of vault in the changelog,
without updating the control metadata (e.g. dependencies). You did not
change the release to unstable, so I assume you meant to update them
eventually, but nevertheless I think this is problematic. The entry “New
upstream release” in the changelog tells me that the upgrade is done,
and if I were to fix something else in the package and upload, I’d have
trusted you do do the usual upgrade checks.

BTW, the quickest way to know what to do to the control file is to use
        firefox "$(diff-upgrade.sh)"
before changing the version in the changelog, as this will give you this
useful diff, where you usually just have to scroll to the .cabal file:
For vault, uniplate and reactive-banana I fixed these and am preparing
the uploads right now.


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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