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Re: haskell-devscripts 0.8.19

Le 28. 08. 13 17:41, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
Hi Louis,

Quoting Louis Bettens (2013-08-01 11:15:01)
This new version of haskell-devscripts corrects the installation path
for data files from /usr/share/<package>-<version>  to
/usr/share/<package>  and, unfortunately, breaks the build of pandoc.
The attached commit can fix that.

Thanks for the patches (especially the later cleartext ones!), and the
bonus tidying. :-)

I am on it now (wrongly assumed from your style of patching that you'd
already released a new version), and expect to have an upload ready in a
few hours from now (will try find a fix that is nicer for backporting).

  - Jonas

Nice to read you!
Is good. I'm a bit lost in git, so I later found this “e-mail format” thing and I thought that of course, the kernel developers would have a hard time using strange bundles...

However, I still don't understand where you have seen a released version in my commits... I kept my changelog speech under the next yet-unreleased version and I wasn't going to upload anything since I either don't have a way to upload or don't know about my rights... No NMU involved for me... can you please give me some information? I'm still learning.


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