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Re: Nikki and the Robots – where is it stuck?


Am Donnerstag, den 27.09.2012, 12:00 +0800 schrieb Paul Wise:
> > Paul, Chipmunk is under the Game Team’s control. How about a 5.3.5
> > upload to experimental?
> >
> > (Actually, I can first test whether it helps by just building hipmunk
> > locally with the embedded Chipmunk copy. But not now.)
> I've updated chipmunk to 5.3.5 locally and I no longer get that issue :D
> We could backport the patch for this issue to 5.3.4 but it is probably
> too late to fix this issue for wheezy, the release team are overloaded
> with RC bug fix unblocks as it is.

probably not needed as nikki isn’t going in wheezy either.


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