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pandoc, gitit, citeproc-hs notes

Thank you all for your work in packaging pandoc and gitit, and their
many dependencies. Unfortunately, the latest pandoc release has a
problem with multilingual filenames. (This has to do with changes in
base introduced with ghc 7.2, which I was not properly testing for.)
There is a similar problem with gitit 0.10 affecting multilingual page
names. The problem in gitit has been fixed in, which should be
packaged. The problem in pandoc will be fixed in a release which I hope
to put out in the next day or two.  These are serious problems affecting
all users who go outside the latin1 alphabet, so it would be great if
the fixes could get into debian before the freeze.

There is a second problem with the pandoc package (I think). It should
depend on citeproc-hs-data, which provides the locale files needed
for creation of bibliographies.  Without these, pandoc hangs when called
with the --bibliography option (or so it has been reported to me).


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