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Darn, we need 430 sourceful uploads


despite my efforts to getting this migration done by binNMUs, this will
fail: The haddock file ABI has changed, so we need to rebuild all
libghc-*-doc packages. These are arch:all, so they cannot be rebuild
automatically (grumble). Unfortunately, we don’t have source-only
uploads either (grumble), so we need to manually upload all 430 Haskell
source package, in the right order. This needs all manpower that we
have. If you are a DD, please pick any package that has its dependencies
built, run

# if there is a new version, maybe run
# ~/debian/pkg-haskell/tools/pkg-haskell-uupgrade haskell-foo
# first
~/debian/pkg-haskell/tools/pkg-haskell-checkout haskell-foo
cd haskell-foo-*/
dch -r 'Sourceful upload to rebuild documentation package'
debuild -tc && debcommit -r && debrelease && darcs push --repo=debian-a
cd ..

This works best if you have
in ~/.devscripts.

Also note that random no longer comes with GHC, so it needs to be added
to the Build-Depends. deepseq, though, now comes with GHC, so it can be
removed from the Build-Depends.


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