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Re: ghc-7.2.1-rc1

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> how broken? As it, does not build ghci, or does build and works
> somewhat, but not always?

Builds but segfaults as soon as its run.

> Do libraries using template haskell still build?

Not sure.
> Also, there has been talk about building ghc registered/unregistered on
> powerpc. Do we do the right thing here?

Again, not sure. From the interest in the ghc powerpc bugs I think
I'm the only only person even running it. 

I've been trying to fix the ghci issue for a while, but I've been
too busy and debugging segfaults in ghc is too hard. Furthermore
while trying to follow GHC head I find it breaks on powerpc every
couple of months. I'm having trouble even just keeping up with fixing
the new breakage let alone the old stuff.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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