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Re: darcs' debian/control ghc6 -> ghc pisses off pbuilder

Joachim Breitner wrote:
> ghc7 transition is running, and you should be close to being able to
> build darcs. I guess some of your build-dependencies are missing,
> including mmap, but that is why I am writing: Either transition them
> yourself, if you feel like it, or if you’d rather leave that to the rest
> of DHG

DHG: feel free to package anything I need w/o asking, except mmap.
mmap's tightly intertwingled with darcs, so keep me in the loop if you
do work on that.

I hope to do mmap & darcs next week.

> Also, to be able to package ipatch for Debian eventually, I’d
> appreciate if you could start providing -dev/-prof/-doc packages for
> the Darcs library itself. But I understand if you don’t want to do
> that yourself, given that you plan to hand a way darcs maintenance
> anyways.

I'd prefer to leave that to the next maintainer.  I intend to hand
darcs over as soon as I "clean house" by packaging the current release
and going through any outstanding bugs in bdo.

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