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Re: darcs' debian/control ghc6 -> ghc pisses off pbuilder

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Am Sonntag, den 13.02.2011, 14:32 +1100 schrieb Trent W. Buck:
> Hi, I (nominally) maintain Darcs in Debian.  I've been completely
> inactive both here and upstream, so I plan to get through the Squeeze
> release (done), push the newest upstream into Sid, then file an RFA.
> Looking into the second step today, I found the s/ghc6/ghc/ in
> debian/control upsets pbuilder (transcript attached), because it
> ghc-foo packages are virtual.
> Presumably this change was made to pave the way for a ghc7 migration,
> and backing out would be a Bad Thing.  I think it'll probably work if
> I change Build-Depends from
>     ghc-foo (>= x.y.z~)
> to
>     ghc6-foo (>= x.y.z~) | ghc-foo (>= x.y.z~)
> But this is fugly.  Is there a solution that I haven't thought of?

if you want to upload darcs before we finish the ghc-7 transition, just
revert the changes to control and upload as ususal. After ghc-7 is in
unstable, you or we can just do another upload, not mentioning ghc6 but
only ghc.


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