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Re: darcs' debian/control ghc6 -> ghc pisses off pbuilder

Hi Trent.

Excerpts from Trent W. Buck's message of Dom Fev 13 01:32:29 -0200 2011:
> Looking into the second step today, I found the s/ghc6/ghc/ in
> debian/control upsets pbuilder (transcript attached), because it
> ghc-foo packages are virtual.
> Presumably this change was made to pave the way for a ghc7 migration,
> and backing out would be a Bad Thing.

Yes, you're right, this change was done because of the transition to ghc
7.0.1.  I believe you may either wait for ghc 7.0.1 to arrive unstable, or
change it back to ghc6 to work with the current unstable ghc, that's not a bad
thing from my perspective (maybe it was a bad thing to change the packages
before ghc 7.0.1 arrive in unstable, sorry for that).


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