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Re: Packages without watch file


2010/12/30 Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org>:
>> How about a specially formatted comment? We already have something
>> like that for changelogs (for ignoring some trivial non-uploaded
>> changes).
>> I am thinking in something like:
>> /^#\s*IGNORE(?:.*)$/
>> for a optional comment on the reason for ignoring
> that’d be optimal for our purposes.

Done. Please chech that the merge I did into darcs/ is correct, please.
The regex is finally: /^#\s*IGNORE(?:\s|$)/

I also fixed a problem I discovered by chance. Many errors in the
watch file processing were handled with a 'next', aborting the rest of
the processing of the package. Hope it is correct now.

Martín Ferrari

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