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Re: Please sponsor agda{,-bin,-stdlib} into experimental

On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 09:09:56PM +0100, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
Hi Iain.

Il 11/12/2010 17:20, Iain Lane ha scritto:

I've just updated these packages in git and would appreciate a

I'm not sure to have time enough for a complete review, but I can
suggest at least a problem: two files[1] seem to be generated during
compilation; given that they occupy more than half a MB, I'd consider
the option of repackaging.

[1] dist/build/Agda/Syntax/Parser/{Lexer,Parser}.hs

I wouldn't like to repackage for such a change, but will speak to
upstream about fixing for the next release :-). I can add ignore-new =
True to gbp.conf if you want to not be bothered by it for now.

Note that agda-stdlib depends on agda-bin depends on agda so you'll
need to either arrange to build against the new versions locally or
upload and wait for dinstall/mirror push in sequence. :-)

I'll try to build them all as soon as my experimental chroot is ready! :-)

Thanks! Note you shouldn't need an experimental chroot as I don't b-d
on any packages from exp, and they are only pulled when required. But
if set up properly then it won't hurt of course (but will do if set up
improperly, i.e. pulling the ghc6 from exp).


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