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Re: Ubuntu versions vs Debian versions?


let me try to mediate a bit here. Erik is making observations that he
made. I do not read his mails accusative or even demanding. I think this
is perfectly valid. Iain, please do not let your motivation down by
this. Rather, try to think it through from Eirk’s point of view and see
if there maybe is a solution that he is not aware of.

In general it is true that no operation system release fulfills alls
requirements. Haskell developement is currently quite fast, too fast for
either Ubuntus or Debians releases. I also have problems running some
Haskell code (darcswatch in particular) on a Debian stable system. But
since at least one of the reasons for packaging Haskell stuff in Debian
is to be able to build binaries from it (darcs et. al.), this is still a
useful situation. 

What package (versions) are exactly lacking in an Ubuntu release, and
for what use case? Students probably only need a few updated libraries.
Such need could be served by setting up a PPA repository, assuming there
would be volunteers to maintain them, right? (I’m not saying that it is
Iain tasks to set that up or anything like that!)

I hope we can move this discussion back onto a constructive path before
people are too upset.

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