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Re: Leksah packaging open questions


Am Dienstag, den 01.06.2010, 22:38 +0200 schrieb Jürgen
> the patch has been submitted and will be added to Process for the
> next release:
> hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/3994
> So this is a temporary workaround only, and the dependency will
> disappear with the next Compiler/Base package versions.

Judging from the ticket, I see no indication that the patch was accepted
yet, and darcs changes --repo http://darcs.haskell.org/packages/process/
does not list it.

Please understand that we want software that builds with unmodified
versions of compilers and base libraries in Debian.

Maybe it would make more sense to host Debian packages for leksah on
leksah.org first? Is one of you, Jürgen or Hamish, using Debian himself?
Or maybe you know of interested Leksah users on Debian? In that case I’d
provide you with the initial packaging and you can then build and
distribute the built packages yourself until it is ready for inclusion
in Debian proper. I’d prefer not to do this myself, but I’ll be happy to
help and guide whoever wants to maintain such unofficial packages.


PS: Maybe someone else on DHG feels like taking care of such packages
and working with the Leskah team? Think about it: Releasing package
without waiting for a DD to upload them :-)
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