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ghc6 still fails to build on ia64; what to do?

I've been trying out various linker flags on merulo and finally found
ones that got ghc6 to build on ia64.  Unfortunately, that didn't still
work on the ia64 buildd.

GHC is a self-hosting compiler, meaning that it has a build dependency
on itself and uses itself to compile itself.  The build proceeds in

Stage 1 compiler is one which has been built on the pre-existing

Stage 2 compiler is built with the stage 1 compiler.  It's done this
way so that various data structures match.  This is the version that's
packaged as /usr/bin/ghc6.

Both stages pass successfully on merulo.  On the buildd, the build
fails right at the start of stage 2 with a segfault.  I tested the
compiler on merulo by building a stage 3 compiler (ie. ghc built with
the stage 2 compiler) which seems to be a pretty strong indication
that I have a working compiler.

The lack of ghc6 on ia64 has kept it from testing since 6.10.1.  I
never got it built with a 6.10 compiler but seems like we're pretty
close to getting there with 6.12.  Is it impossible that there's
something wrong with the buildd?  Could I just upload the package that
I built on merulo?  Any advice on this?

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