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Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: haskell-curl: Depend on ghc6 >= 6.10.4. Distro -> unstable.

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> I see you bumped the ghc6 build-dependency, but not the library
> dependencies, and marked the package as ready to upload.

Yes, as you might gather from my other email, I think I jumped
the gun on that and then decided to ask for guidance :-).

For librariy dependancies (I presume libghc6-network-dev), do I
really need to list explicit versions?

> I’m wondering what you are trying to achieve: Do you just want to
> trigger a rebuild? In that case, the best way is to send proper
> givebacks and possible dep-waits to d-release. If the package is
> uploaded as it is now, it would still fail to build on any architecture
> where the new network library is not built yet (alpha, armel, sparc and
> the mipsen at the time of writing).

This is actually what I am trying to avoid.

> Or did I misunderstand what you are trying to do?

I think we're both  a little unclear :-).

Erik de Castro Lopo

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