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Re: binNMUs for ghc6-6.10.4


thanks for starting the binNMUs. Since the documentation indexes are now
built for -dev packages, haddock needs to be available in the right
version. This was not reflected by the previous round of debwaits. Here
are some Dep-Wait additions, affecting all packages in the first level
of the dependency tree:

dw haskell-binary haskell-hunit haskell-stm  haskell-uulib haskell-x11 haskell-diff haskell-haskell-src haskell-quickcheck1 haskell-mtl haskell-time haskell-stream haskell-editline haskell-xhtml haskell-utf8-string haskell-opengl haskell-html haskell-parallel . ALL . -m 'haddock (>= 2.4.2-2)'


@kaol: Maybe haddock needs to have the same ghc6 (>=..), ghc6 (<<..)
dependency that libraries do? This would make sure always the right
haddock is installed, and automatically include it in the output of

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