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Re: Platform status

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> Hello,
> I created a wiki page[0] to track our effort towards Haskell platform
> compliance. This is only a first pass, and does not include issues such
> as GHC porting, install/buildability and parsec related problems. If
> anyone has such information, they are encouraged to update the page
> accordingly.

Excellent work! Linked from here,

> I wonder if we shouldn't aim for 2009.2.0.2[1], though. It's very
> unlikely that we're going to get all new packages in before this new
> release anyway, and already some of our libraries are newer than what
> 2009.2.0.1 asks for, yet at the correct version for 2.0.2. The notable
> exceptions are the various regex packages, which seem to be on a pretty
> old version. Don, can you shed some light here? Everyone, do you think

Yes, they're older for now.

> this is a good idea? The next version is due to freeze on July 31st and
> release on August 13th.

I think picking 2009.2.0.2 is fine.

-- Don

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