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Re: Terrible shape of our Haskell platform

Iain Lane wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2 Jul 2009, at 20:47, John Goerzen wrote:
>> * Important bits of our Haskell infrastructure are unmaintained.
>>  Arjan, who doesn't have time to maintain Haskell packages anymore,
>>  is still the maintainer of record for haskell-devscripts, http,
>>  hsql, regex, haskelldb, haxml, helium.
> I have previously suggested team maintenance for most of our  
> libraries. Perhaps we could adopt these into a team as a start?

I would be willing to go set up an Alioth project along with git
repositories for our use, and import our current packages into them, to
kickstart things.  Would that sound useful?

> I already see a pkg-haskell team at [0], but it seems a bit defunct.  
> Any reason why?

Arjan or Florian, could you add me to the administrators of that group?
 I'll be willing to take over getting it more active.

-- John

> Regards,
> Iain
> [0] https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-haskell/

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