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Re: New version of zlib

Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> writes:
>> Should I keep gtk2hs as it is, instead of changing it to
>> haskell-gtk2hs or libghc6-gtk2hs?
> Yes, keep it as it is. Changing it is not worth it. Also, gtk2hs is a
> “real name” and not just a generic name for a haskell library (such
> has network, or zlib), so the missing haskell-prefix is not bad. I did
> the same thing for xmonad.

Expressing what (I think) is the same intenet, but paraphrased:

Debian/Python people seem to have a convention of calling packages
"python-foo" if it provides a library "foo", or just calling the package
"foo" if it provides an application or utility called "foo".

In the case of packages which provide both (e.g. docutils), I think the
packager maintainer decides which is more "important" out of the library
or the app/utility.

So it is "gtk2hs" not "haskell-gtk2hs" because it provides a utility

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