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Re: new opie build up for testing

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 12:50, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> Ok,  a few more days of work and I now have new packages up for testing and
> they are apt'able.
> deb http://people.debian.org/~rkrusty/ opie unstable
> Notes:
>     This is for i386 only.  That means we are not looking to test whether
>             the apps work on a Zaurus or iPAQ.  What I need is help with
>             the Debian aspects of this.  Are the files being put in the
>             proper places on the filesystem so that they both work and
>             follow Debian policy?

Upstream we are currently moving files too, away form the TT /opt stuff more 
to a debian like installation ( /usr )

>  Is the package layout proper?  Are there
>             packages which should be merged with others or are there apps
>             that should be broken out into their own packages?  Things like
>             that.
>     You may need qvfb in order to test these:
>               apt-get install qt3-dev-tools-embedded
>     just run qvfb &  and then launch qpe or whatever.

Actually you could run on real fb too.
It should automaticly adapt to choosen resultion.

>     When I went to break out the packages I found that package breakout
> that already existed within the project (not sure if this is just carry
> down from Qtopia or not) 

It started out from there, but there is not much left of it.

>was probably the best thing to follow.  

Good idea, keeps support easier if people come asking which packages does 

>(if you
> look at the source you'll find .control files all over the place...each one
> represents a package and is very similar to debian/control and even tells
> you what files make up the package.  I used this as a template and pretty
> much followed it.

We just changed package name to match debian naming sheme more closely ( like 
qt2-embedded -> libqt2-emb etc)

The current packages are supposed to stay like that until Opie I release.

>  So what does this mean to you?  Well, it means that from
> a single source package I ended up with something like 142 packages. I had
> thought that I had a crapload of packages when I was dealing with all the
> KDE stuff but damn!  :)  I'm going to hear it from the ftpmasters when I go
> to upload this so lets be sure to make sure this is what we want.  My
> opinion is that it's for Embedded systems so the ability to pick exactly
> what you want installed and limit the size of your system is *very*
> important.

Yes, thats why we have so fine grained packages.

> umm..and finally something that I was thinking as I was looking at all of
> these damn packages.  I think we might need a new package section.  Some
> sort of Embedded section equivilant to X11 which currently exists.  In
> trying to figure out what sections all of these packages belong to (which
> is another thing I need people to help with) I kept wanting to put things
> in x11.  This would not (of course) be accurate since they are not x11
> apps.  Maybe we need a "embed" section for these. What do you think?

or maybe a fb section. For all apps that are not ascii, not X11 but fb ( there 
are some more apps in debian which fullfill that requirement).

Thanks a lot for packaging Opie. If there is anything we can do in cvs ( like 
adding debian dirs *cough* .-) ) let me know.

One question: which qt do you build against? 


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