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Re: AX25 and related software's future in Debian

On Thursday, May 03, 2012 19:32:00 Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> I come to the lists mentally and physically exhausted from the
> current struggle to defend the ham radio package node in the Debian
> distribution.  I also seem to be the only person interested in the
> ax25 software (libax25, ax25-tools, ax25-xtools, and ax25-utils).
> The situation with node has made me wonder why I am even bothering.  I
> can compile the ax25 stack for my use, and not have to put up with the
> baggage Debian requires.
> The question I have for the lists - is there really any interest in
> having ham radio software, particularly libax25 and the tools/utils in
> Debian? I know if it disappears from Debian it affects all Debian
> derived distros (like Ubuntu for instance).

I do not use any ax25 software at the moment, but I've always had it on my 
list of interesting things to try: back when I was younger (I wasn't a ham 
at the time) I helped a friend of mine set up packet radio software on his 

About ham radio software in general, I do use a lot of other ham radio 
software packaged in Debian. In general I'm surprised that there isn't more 
overlap between the ham radio and free/open-source software communities.


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