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SO2SDR, a contest logger from N4OGW

Having just completed an IRC chat with Kamal, he advised that I bring
this to the wider group.

Tor, N4OGW, has been working on a rather interesting program that is
primarily aimed at the "Single Operator 2 Radio" contest category with a
twist that SDR receivers can be employed to create local band maps.  I
also see a potential for this program to be a useful contest logger and
intend to try it during our club's Field Day effort next month.

The code is cross-platform, running on Linux and MS Windows using the Qt
toolkit and written in C++.  It does not depend on any KDE libraries and
I've had no issues building the present tree on Sid, Wheezy, and Kubuntu
12.04.  I am posting here as Kamal has other packages in the queue and
thought someone else on the team may want to tackle packaging it for

I think the project deserves more exposure and have begun contributing.
I am currently working on a user manual as I learn the program.

Released files for the SO2SDR project are hosted at:

The development and user mailing list is at:

A development Git repository is at:

73, de Nate >>


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