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Re: AX25 and related software's future in Debian

> From: Patrick
> Date: Thu, May 3, 2012 at 6:32 PM
> Subject: AX25 and related software's future in Debian
> I come to the lists mentally and physically exhausted from the
> current struggle to defend the ham radio package node in the Debian
> distribution.  I also seem to be the only person interested in the
> ax25 software (libax25, ax25-tools, ax25-xtools, and ax25-utils).
> The situation with node has made me wonder why I am even bothering.  I can
> compile the ax25 stack for my use, and not have to put up with the baggage
> Debian requires.
> The question I have for the lists - is there really any interest in having
> ham radio software, particularly libax25 and the tools/utils in Debian?
> I know if it disappears from Debian it affects all Debian derived distros
> (like Ubuntu for instance).

Most assuredly yes. While I don't presently have a system for using 
AX.25 on Debian, I do want to see it available because I will need it in 
the future. We use AX.25 for APRS particularly, and removing ham radio 
support from Debian and Linux means we go back into the dark ages and 
start over. 

Folks from the Allstar group may be impacted by this, and I can tell you 
that hams were involved in the birth, growth, and design of Asterisk as 

AX.25 may be outdated, but unfortunately, it's one of the protocols we 
have that we can either buy equipment off the shelf and use. 

Kris Kirby, KE4AHR
Disinformation Analyst

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