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Bug#606338: ax25ipd transmission bug

Am Mittwoch, den 08. Dezember 2010 um 20:09:36 Uhr, schrieb John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> in <4CFFD7F0.4070103@complete.org>:
> On 12/08/2010 12:31 PM, Thomas Osterried wrote:
> > If you patch  it to accept kiss-port-3-to-15-packts, then the frames would be received. But the code for sendig it is not implementet, because there's no FROM_PORT3/mycallsign3,myalias3, FROM_PORT4/mycallsign4,..
> > You'd have to also implement this (and you'd should do it better).
> Hi Thomas,
> I have no actual real multi-port TNC involved here.  I primarily just 
> use soundmodem.  (My TS-2000 has a 1200/9600 TNC, which I may use 
> eventually, but it isn't as good as soundmodem for weak signals.)
> Anyhow, the *only* thing I'm interfacing ax25ipd to is kissattach via 
> kissnetd.  I have no idea why kissattach (or kissnetd?) is setting one 
> of the port bits, or how to make it stop doing that.  I am not 
> attempting to do anything multiport here.
> But anyway, is multiport even necessary in ax25ipd?  Isn't that the job 
> of mkiss?

No. But you was the wone who suggestet the patch
"-                               if (*iframe == '\0' || *iframe == 0x10) {
+                               if (1) {
which would lead ax25ipd to receive frames regardless of their kiss-port-tag (which would be wrong), and discussed later to let it receive at least frames with kiss-byte 0 || >1.
Now you describe your setup where no multiport tnc is in use. Thus the whole discussion seems to be useless.

> I can say that whatever ax25ipd is sending back, kissattach finds fine. 
>   So your & 0xf will solve my problem completely.

Whose & 0xf?

As said, if you honor *iframe == 0 || (*iframe) >> 4 != 0 you have to implement that ax25ipd does handle port 3 .... 15 properly, which is, as I showed, not implemented. That's why that patch cannot be accepted.

> Obviously it won't solve the other cruftiness, but I also suspect that 
> TNCs that can do more than 2 ports are exceptionally rare.

	- Thomas  dl9sau

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