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Re: qrq - Debian package

* Corny, Df6fR <df6fr@gmx.de> [2007 Jul 04 18:51 -0500]:
> Hi Debian-Hams list,
> a friend of mine (Fabian, DJ1YFK) wrote a nice CW contest training
> program:
> http://fkurz.net/ham/qrq.html

Ohhhh!  Wicked!

This is good training and, alas, I am quite slow.  The default speed of
280 (56 WPM) was just a wee bit beyond my ability!  :-(  I set it to
100 (20 WPM) and that was much better.  Right off the bat I hit a high
of 120 and then sunk down quite a bit.  Practice.  Practice. Practice!

> I build a package on my testing system:
> http://www.qsl.net/df6fr/qrq-testing/

Thank you!  It installed without complaint on my Sid box.

> Now I was wondering if someone could check the package and if we can
> get it in the distribution if it is alright!

I'm not a DD, but I think this would be a very worthwhile addition.  I
like the way it changes the sent speed up or down depending on one's

73, de Nate >>

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